Liptov is one of the most sought after by tourists regions, which not only has excellent natural conditions, but also cultural and historical monuments and preserved folk architecture. Located in the southeastern part of the Žilina Region of Liptov basin and is surrounded by the highest mountains in Slovakia: High Tatras, West Tatras and Choc Mountains in the north, Low Tatras in the south, Fatra in the west and Poprad Valley to the east. This unique mountain ranges with interesting valleys offer excellent opportunities for various kinds of sports.

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Ski Park

Modern ski centre, located over the city of Ruzomberok. Offers great sport conditions, especially during the winter.

The distance from Koliba is 3,6 km, by car around 7 minutes.
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Thermal Park Bešeňová

Recreational pools with various water attractions such as underwater chairs around the edges of pools, water jets and other.

The distance from Koliba is 15,7 km, by car around 23 minutes.
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Aquapark Tatralandia

The biggest water park in Slovakia, which offers 27 waterslides, 11 pools and wellness saunas.

The distance from Koliba is 32,9 km, by car around 32 minutes.
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Lúčky Kúpele (Spa)

Spa treatments are one of the most effective treatment methods. Musculoskeletal diseases and gynecological diseases are treated in Lucky Kupele.

The distance from Koliba is 17,1 km, by car around 26 minutes.
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Jasna Low Tatras

The largest ski resort in Slovakia with the best natural conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Apart of perfectly groomed slopes of various difficulty you will find a snowpark features for beginners and experienced riders and freestylers.

The distance from Koliba is 33,7 km, by car around 47 minutes.
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Permanently inhabited community, currently with 29 residents in 18 houses out of 55 houses. Vlkolinec was in 1993 entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique landscape-residential and architectural complex.

The distance from Koliba is 11,7 km, by car around 21 minutes.

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